International Virtual Voice

This 5 course online coaching series allows you to have 24/7 coaching with me on a continous learning platform that moves at your own pace. Take advantage of the entire series so that you can be a part of the live Q and A call each month, a live video conference each month and recieve all the materials for each class prior to any one else. Brief discripions of the courses are listed below. You can purchace this entire series or purchace indiviual courses. Courses begin September 5. Sign up today to reserve your spot.

Belt Your Face Off

Belt Your Face Off: This course takes you through the fundamentals of vocal development, breathing techinique, precise intonation, control, power usage and how to develop a belt that fits your voice. This course will give vital tips and information on how to sing with more power. A step by step program has been designed to walk you through the process. You will learn what it takes to be a powerful singer and be given eaxamples and procedures on how to make it happen for yourself. In addition to the 4 week video course, you will be able to join others that are taking the course on a live Q and A call and a live video conference. If you have ever wanted to know if belting is good for you and how to do it the right way then taking this course will benefit you. The course is in video format and will be available for downlad upon purchase.

Director /Trainer

This course is specifically for those wanting to learn how to direct your church choir, teach parts by ear, and perfect your musicianship skills wheather you play an instrument or not. You will learn how to read chord charts, train your ear to hear the right parts, how to know your key signatures, and how to select music that fits your group. The class will benefit those who work with any size ensemble from a trio to a mass choir of 100 plus. This 4 week course also comes with a live Q and A call and a live video conference.

Broadway Bound

The is an audition prep course. It is designed to prepare any singer for any audition. The course will focus on selectiong the right music for your voice, learning your voice part, finding and preparing sheet music for auditons, how to find an accompanist, how and when to work your flavor and style for certain auditons, and building confidence. Examples from teachers and professionals will be used for some of these sessions. This 4 week course comes with a mock audition that will be critiqued, and live Q and A call and a live video conference.


Songwriting is a course designed to promote and pull on the creativity of the students. Basic format and structure of creating a song will be given but not to limit the varried compostion styles of each student. Included with the course will be promts to engage the writer, examples from many different genres, and sone one on one coaching. This course also includes a live Q and A call with all students and a live video conference.

Leaders of Worship

This is what every praise and worship leader wants. This course includes a step by step guide on how to create a worship team for your church. It focuses on selecting material, designing your set list, how to create a flow that is condusive for the congregation and the Pastor, and how to stay up-to-date with material. Each student in this course will be given one on one istruction, and materials that will cater to your needs. A live Q and A call will be included with this course as well as the live video conference.