Tuition and Payment

Pricing for lessons is as follows

Tier 1: 4-30 min lessons = $120

Tier 2: 8-30 min lessons = $235

Tier 3: 8-55 min lessons = $460

Consultation - 30min = $35

Payments may be made through PayPal, to , given to the vocal coach at a lesson, or through the website Late or missed payments may result in the student losing his/her day and time for their lesson. At the time of payment, all lessons must be scheduled through Schedulista. If there is a conflict with your scheduled lesson, you will be notified.

Calendar and Schedule

The tuition rates are determined based on a calendar of 4 weekly private lessons.  The Vocal Coach does not teach during the week of Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas, the week after Christmas, and two weeks in August, unless the student/parent made prior arrangements to have lessons.  Other unpaid weeks of the year are reserved for the vocal coach to take off from lessons as needed for extreme illness, conferences/festivals, or vacations (with advanced notice). Students must schedule all lessons for a session within 45 days.

Makeup Lessons

Due to the vocal coach’s limited availability, makeup lessons cannot be guaranteed.  However, if an absence arises due to unforeseen situations such as an accident or family emergency and if the student indicates a desire for a makeup lesson, the vocal coach will make an effort to accommodate a makeup.  Please be courteous to the vocal coach by notifying him at least 24 hours in advance regarding any known upcoming absence.  If a student/parent fails to give at least a 24 hour notice of cancellation, he/she will be charged for that lesson. If the weather is severely bad or a student is contagiously ill, but feels well enough to sing, having a lesson via Skype is a viable option for that week. Note: All missed lessons must be made up within the month or it will be forfeited. Lessons can no longer be carried over to the next session.

Discontinuing Lessons

Every student stops taking lessons at some point.  Ideally, this decision is made thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the vocal coach, parent, and student so that lessons can cease with a positive sense of closure.  For this reason, the vocal coach asks for one month’s notice in writing prior to discontinuing lessons.  However, the vocal coach respects the student’s right to end lessons at any time.  Note: At the discretion of the vocal coach, students may be asked to discontinue lessons at any time if they have unpaid tuition, an excess amount of absences/unprepared lessons, or if they show a lack of interest.


Students are expected to arrive for lessons in a timely manner, with all required materials and music.  Parents and siblings may quietly wait in the waiting area, in their vehicle, or run errands as long as they return to pick up their student immediately afterwards.  To discuss student progress, parents are welcome to talk with the vocal coach during the first five minutes of the student’s lesson, but not afterwards, in order to respect the next student’s time slot. Note: Lessons may be recorded, but they are not allowed to be posted to any social media or shared with anyone outside of C Sharply Studio.

MATERIALS and Communication

The cost of books and materials are the responsibility of the student/parent. If the student wants the Vocal Coach to get music for him/her, an advance notice of at least 1 weeks is required. If applicable, payment for the music is expected at time of delivery. Students are expected to bring all music with them.

There are many great ways to stay informed regarding studio news and events!

  • Studio Website: Visit to find the vocal teacher’s contact information, current studio policies and procedures, the studio calendar, my blog, and much more.

  • Facebook Page: Students and parents are welcome to join the vocal coach’s facebook page, Curtis Gulledge. “Liking” this page allows students to interact with the vocal coach and other students while maintaining the privacy of each student’s facebook profile.

  • In addition, you can follow me on Instagram @gnotecsharp.

The best way to contact the vocal coach is via text. Email is also welcome, especially on weekdays between 8am and 8pm.  The vocal coach always welcomes emails or text messages from students during the week if they have questions regarding their repertoire or other matters.