Voice Lessons

Students taking lessons will learn what it takes to produce good quality sound.  Each lesson promises 30-55 minutes of active one on one coaching with exercises created to meet the needs of the students.  Areas of focus include breathing correctly, pitch matching, range development, articulation, and ear training.  Students may learn music from a variety of genres, or choose to concentrate on one main arena of music.  Music theory fundamentals will also be covered within the session.  Many students are motivated through self-help tools to eliminate fear and focus on a strong performance.

Tier 1 Session = 4-30 minute lessons $120.00

Tier 2 Session = 4-55 minute lessons $235.00

Tier 3 Session = 8-55 minute lessons $460

Tier 1 Session
Tier 2 Session
Tier 3 Session



Workshops are designed to revitalize the choir.  Over time choir rehearsals can become monotonous.  Effective strategies for warm up calisthenics, sound production, breathing, and energized singing will be taught and worked on.  Choirs will work on new material, voice placement, balance,blending and effective dynamics.  Workshops also cover director/trainer fundamentals and vocal health.  Workshops vary in length and depth and are built according to the desire of the minister of music, choir director, and or vocal trainer. All Workshops start at $297