Connie Bova

To call Curtis Gulledge of CSharply “a vocal coach” is the understatement of a lifetime. Curtis has been working with my daughter for voice and piano training about 4 years (since she was just 6 years old) and with my son as well for several years. Curtis’ greatest gift is his love of people- every kind of people. He’s quick to get to know each person he works with, and figure out what works best for that individual. He adapts, so that each student has the best chance for success. For my daughter Dylan, that meant treating her like a little adult- with equal parts respect and encouragement. He never questions even her craziest of ideas (or mine!)- but rather guides her to make it a reality in her own way, in her range and style, and at her pace. So much more than music, Curtis has taught her to greet each challenge with enthusiasm, to embrace life with positivity, and about fundamental kindness. And while Dylan learns best with some structure- by the book – playing music with head and hands, my son is more a free spirit. He plays with heart and hands. My daughter is a performer. My son plays only for himself. Totally different learning and musical styles. Find them different teachers? Nope. Curtis’ game-plan for each child was as unique as the child themselves. With his guidance, my kids, and I think all of Curtis’ students- have learned to love music, to enjoy it in their own way. They have learned tremendous work ethic and perseverance, and have come to deeply understand the power of a positive attitude and kindness. Whether your child has dreams of Broadway & bright lights, or just plays for fun, they will come away from their time with Curtis with not just music skills, but immeasurable life skills. Curtis is a coach, a mentor, a teacher, and friend and we are ever grateful for his presence in our lives.

Emma Johnson

Mr. Curtis has changed my life. That is the easiest way to put this. I started about 2 years ago and I started with piano. One day, I told him that I sang. From the moment he heard me sing, he said that we need to do voice lessons instead. We started working and I can’t even explain how much I have improved from that first time I sang for him. I never really sang in front of anyone at the time, now I can sing in front of anyone. He opened up my range and he found the voice that I had hidden inside of me for the longest time. Not only has Mr. Curtis improved my singing, he has always been there for me. I know without a doubt that I will always have him and that we will be friends for the long haul. He is extremely inspiring and always sees the best in everyone and every situation. Mr. Curtis does not just jump right into singing, we talk about my life and he takes all of the worries off of my shoulders. He uses my emotions and struggles and teaches me how to put those into my singing. Mr. Curtis showed me the passion that can be behind every single word and every single note. He showed me how emotional, sad, happy, loving, etc, music can be and he taught me how to truly feel the music. Mr. Curtis knows the true beauty of music. He teaches every single second of every single day with a beautiful outlook of music. Mr. Curtis has taught me the power of music and the beauty and he has shown me how music truly is my life. We talk about careers, broadway and writing songs now. He has expanded my view on the incredible world of music and I believe there is no better coach, friend, mentor, than Curtis. I wish that every single person I know could take a voice lesson with Curtis, because it would change their lives, as it has changed mine. I love Mr. Curtis with all my heart and I couldn’t imagine my music life and my day to day life without him.

Kelsey Kline

The first time I heard Curtis sing I almost fell over. I started with Curtis about three years ago when I was cast as Sandy in Grease and was having a bit of trouble with ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You”. So I went to Curtis. And since then I have been able to learn and grow so much as a performer. He creates stars and gives the time effort and energy to every student he has. He prepares you for everything you need in life whether you want to become a teacher or a performer you’re ready. He not only is there as a teacher and mentor but he’s there as a friend whenever you need him. I love Curtis so much and over the years he has really pushed me and made me grow and I will forever thank him for that.

Christian Gabriel

Put your trust in Mr. Gulledge. He can transform hidden potential into greatness. The bottom line is that, aside from all the singing exercises and vocal training, Mr. G helps you gain confidence. He brings out your inner stage presence and moxie. That was the biggest thing, especially for me. I could barely sing in front of my family, let alone strangers. Yet in a few months of working with Mr. G, I had no problem singing in front of hundreds. Mr. G is among the best people I know. He will take you seriously, give you respect, and treat you like family. Working with him has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. I wouldn't be the person I am today without Mr. Curtis Gulledge.

Lisa Guadalupe

Having voice lessons with Mr. Gulledge is such an honor and an amazing experience. I've learned many things such as: reaching notes I couldnt have reached before, learning how to sing musical theatre and classical songs, and all in all boosting my self confidence. He is truly an amazing teacher and an inspiring person. I'm so grateful to be taking lessons with him.

Leilani Fernandez

Mr.Gulledge has helped me gain confidence in my voice and myself. When I first started with him I was a very shy and scared performer but the more I worked with him the more he pulled me out of my shell and got me to do things I didn't even know I was capable of doing.

Nicki Montgomery

I love feel very lucky to have taken lessons with Mr. Gulledge over the past two years. His enthusiasm and excitement he creates during his lessons makes you fully engaged in what you're doing. You'll never leave without learning something new each time. I've never been embarrassed to try anything new either because he is only encouraging and always makes you want to keep improving yourself. He has me singing notes that have scared the heck out of me before, and now I can sing them with ease! He teaches many varieties of singing and will not only help you in the technical aspect of singing, protecting it and training it correctly, but also artistically which is so important! Mr. Gulledge has given me confidence in my voice that will stay with me forever.

Moises Garcia

In the 4 years I have known Mr. Gulledge he has always been a role model and inspiration for myself as well as those around him. He constantly strives to help each and every person he meets achieve there potential as well as genuinely cares for them. As a performer and as a friend Mr Gulledge has always been there for me to when I needed him and my life would not be the same without him.

Meghan McQueeny

I have been so blessed to have received lessons from Mr. Curtis Gulledge. He helped me expand my repertoire as a singer in many ways. Sometimes our lessons just consisted of talking about school and helping me through problems. I am so happy to have been given a chance to learn from Mr. Gulledge.

Lauren Koval

Mr. Gulledge has done more than help my voice, but most of all he helped my confidence. When I started with Mr. Gulledge two years ago, I was too afraid to sing in front of anyone except Mr. Gulledge. I have been completely transformed into a more confident, self assured performer. I also feel like my voice has progressed SO much and my range has widened immensely. I still take lessons from Mr. Gulledge two years later, and constantly learn new things about my voice and always improves. I am forever grateful to Mr. Gulledge!!!

Jordan Bennet

I've been singing for 12 years. I have learned more in the 5 months I've been with Curtis than the 12 years I've been singing with past teachers. His charisma and humor allow me to feel more comfortable around and his strong teaching ability has pushed me to expand my range and become an overall better singer. I am forever grateful for all he has done for me. As a teacher, and a friend.

Savannah Brown

Less then a year ago,I walked into Mr.Curtis's office sounding like a dead frog.But even minutes into my first lesson, I noticed a huge difference.In the past few months,I have grown so much as a performer.Mr Curtis has helped me tremendously to find the inner voice that I never even knew I had.From simply being able to hit a note without shattering somebody's eardrum,to improving my tone and growing my range,I have learned and gained so much that not only strengthens my singing ability but also my confidence as a performer.